How to Play "Take It or Leave It"
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Opened Chest


The object of "Take It or Leave It" is to finish each daily game with a sum of Jazz money (usually largest amount) in which you are satified.


The rules to "Take It or Leave It" are quite simple. There are 26 treasure chests, and 26 money values that are hidden inside the chests. The values ranges from $0.01, to $1,000,000. All decisions you will be making are based on the values that are remaining on the "Take It or Leave It" board.

You will choose one chest to make yours. To deduce the value of money in your chest, you must eliminate the remaining 25. For each round of play, the Jazzman, who wants to see you win as little money as possible, will make you an offer for your chest. And its up to you if you want to "Take It or Leave It"

Bankrolls, Averages, and Statistics are based on playing 1 game per day. To make everything fair between all players, there will only be allowed 1 game played per day.

All daily updates will happen at 5:00pm EST.